Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – As I Sat Sadly By Her Side

Official music video for ‘As I Sat Sadly By Her Side’ by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds.

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Video directed by John Hillcoat.

‘As I Sat Sadly By Her Side’ was the first single taken from the band’s 11th album ‘No More Shall We Part’. Originally released in March 2001, the single featured he Bad Seeds line up of Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Warren Ellis, Blixa Bargeld, Martyn P Casey,Thomas Wydler
& Conway Savage with guest backing vocals from Kate & Anna McGarrigle.

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As I sat sadly by her side
At the window, through the glass
She stroked a kitten in her lap
And we watched the world as it fell past
Softly she spoke these words to me
And with brand new eyes, open wide

We pressed our faces to the glass
As I sat sadly by her side

She said,”Father, mother, sister, brother,
Uncle, aunt, nephew, niece,
Soldier, sailor, physician, labourer,
Actor, scientist, mechanic, priest
Earth and moon and sun and stars
Planets and comets with tails blazing
All are there forever falling
Falling lovely and amazing”

Then she smiled and turned to me
And waited for me to reply
Her hair was falling down her shoulders
As I sat sadly by her side

As I sat sadly by her side
The kitten she did gently pass
Over to me and again we pressed
Our different faces to the glass
“That may be very well”, I said
“But watch the one falling in the street
See him gesture to his neighbours
See him trampled beneath their feet
All outward motion connects to nothing
For each is concerned with their immediate need
Witness the man reaching up from the gutter
See the other one stumbling on who can not see”

With trembling hand I turned toward her
And pushed the hair out of her eyes
The kitten jumped back to her lap
As I sat sadly by her side

Then she drew the curtains down
And said, “When will you ever learn
That what happens there beyond the glass
Is simply none of your concern?
God has given you but one heart
You are not a home for the hearts of your

And God does not care for your benevolence
Anymore than he cares for the lack of it in others
Nor does he care for you to sit
At windows in judgement of the world He created
While sorrows pile up around you
Ugly, useless and over-inflated”

At which she turned her head away
Great tears leaping from her eyes
I could not wipe the smile from my face
As I sat sadly by her side

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(C)2001 Mute Records, a BMG Company.

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27 Responses

  1. last Koresh viết:

    Nick Cave hasn't written a good song since The Birthday Party. What a bunch of fuckin shlock.

  2. Daniel Nel viết:

    Best song by nick cave 😉 can't stop listening to it

  3. The Loner viết:

    My heroes: David Bowie, Nick Cave and Neil Young

  4. Peepn & Creepin viết:

    I want to die so badly but I don't want to hurt the people around me

  5. Bryce McCuan viết:

    I still feel that Nick Cave is one of if not definitively the best song writer of my generation. Of course this is incredibly about perspective, but for my life experiences of of perceived tragedy and despair, Mr. Cave and his band wizards. (Warren Ellis and Mick Harvey are amazing musicians). I wish that I couldn't relate to the music. I wish I could just enjoy the art as it is, just art. Cave's lyrics just flow effortlessly like silk across ice. Thank you for contributing to the soundtrack of my life. I wish I had provided better source martial, not that you know or even care. But thank you, your music and art are amazing.

  6. This is one of his I can listen too a hundred times and still enjoy as much as when I heard it the first time. He is brilliant. Ellis violin is amazeing in it as well.

  7. My cousin died first week I was in the army. The whole year turned my life upside down. I saw dreams, prophecies that came true. I cried on my future ex-wife arms drunk: I don't want to see dreams anymore.

    All that horrible, horrible year, I found and listened: No More Shall We Part.

    The time, the place, the record, the sound, the sorrow, the cry, all of it comes back to me with a single piano tune. I was a young man twenty years ago. I will never be the same. Thank god I have this record to remind me what was so terribly difficult, and what was worth all the while.

  8. Bajram Ramadani viết:

    Absolute masterpiece…and the piano parts…are just a killer…Nick Cave is one of the last greatest musicians today..

  9. borek m viết:

    lovely video. nick lovely always. love

  10. Bruce Delahunty viết:

    Empathetic Musician
    No one in the world does this anywhere near Nick Cave.
    Psychologist, historian, scientist, theologian, ‘governmentarian’, husband, father, relative, friend
    Preacher, teacher, comforter, listener
    BESTEST Musician!!!

  11. Crooked Tower viết:

    this song is so sads taht bring me between battle Iran & irak war.

  12. The "conversation" in this song is so close to the dynamic between my boyfriend and I lmao, but I think we've both became more well rounded people for it.

    Also I think people overlook the cat's role in all of this… 😂

  13. Yann Pinguet viết:

    I came here because my brother told me this song is amazing. I alxays trust him, lucky me.

  14. Caio Manjoni viết:

    Thank you for your beautiful songs Nick. God bless you, and your family.

  15. BG viết:

    Kejvu Niče, Srbija ti kliče!

  16. TheWolfskinder viết:

    The video itself is a masterpiece, the technical and the creative aspects, love it.

  17. Lorenzo viết:

    Capolavoro assoluto!!!!!!

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